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Noordlander: delicious cheese made from goat or sheep’s milk

Goat’s milk and sheep’s milk cheese are a worthwhile part of your assortment. Not just because this delicious cheese tastes different from cheese made with cow’s milk, but also to offer a tasty alternative for customers who are allergic to cow’s milk.

The cheeses in the Noordlander goat’s milk cheese assortment are all gems in their own right. Each cheese has its own distinctive appearance and a very exclusive taste. The goat’s milk cheeses are offered in three ages and several herb varieties.

Noordlander sheep’s milk cheese combines the full-bodied flavour of Gouda cheese with the slightly tangy bite of sheep’s milk. A surprisingly flavourful treat that is easily digestible and also very high in protein.

Type of cheese
goat’s milk cheese, sheep’s milk cheese

Role in the assortment:

cheese with a different flavour, for consumers who are allergic to cow’s milk

The assortment

Goat Mild

This cheese is allowed to ripen for about 8 weeks, making it deliciously creamy and full of flavour. Because of its mild taste, it is ideal for novice (goat’s milk) cheese eaters.

Goat Matured

After six months of ripening on the shelf, the taste of our Noordlander matured goat’s milk cheese is at its best; that typical goat’s milk flavour comes out most clearly at this age. The cheese has a tangy bite but is not yet hard or crumbly.

Goat Aromatic

Our Noordlander goat’s milk aromatic has matured for no less than a year. Perfect salt crystals develop during this ageing period. Thanks to its creamy texture, this variety is still easy to slice. The flavour is full, firm, slightly briny with an intense aroma.

Goat Nettle

The finely chopped nettle in this cheese complements the nicely structured paste of the cheese. A touch of garlic creates a dynamic note. Spicy, healthy and mouth-wateringly delicious!

Goat Mediterranean

The carefully chosen blend of Mediterranean spices gives this cheese a pleasantly fresh taste. Noordlander Goat Mediterranean owes its flavour to the addition of sun-dried tomatoes, olives, basil and a hint of garlic.

Goat Blue

This cheese combines the soft creaminess of Noordlander goat’s milk cheese with the characteristics of blue vein cheese. Penicillium roqueforti is injected into the cheese and spreads to all parts of the cheese through small openings. A wonderful natural process, in which no two cheeses are alike.

Goat Fenugreek

The nutty flavour of fenugreek perfectly complements the fresh taste of our Noordlander goat’s milk cheese. This cheese has been by far the most popular herbal variety for years, and for good reason!

Goat Chilli

Our Noordlander goat’s milk cheese with chilli is a perfect treat for lovers of a truly hot and spicy cheese. At first you taste the creamy flavour of the goat cheese, and then the chilli ‘explodes’ in your mouth. A sensational taste experience!

Sheep’s milk cheese

Noordlander sheep’s milk cheese is a remarkably healthy food with a special creamy taste. By contrast to the slightly dry flavour of many European sheep’s milk cheeses, Stellinger Schapenkaas stands out for its wonderfully full and rich aroma.


No less than four types of milk are used in the Twister, creating a perfect flavour combination. The creamy ‘Gouda’ taste of cow’s milk. The characteristic taste of goat’s milk. The aromatic bite of sheep’s milk. And the unprecedented creaminess of buffalo milk.

What customers say…

‘’I love selling Noordlander goat’s milk cheese. Not just because of the taste, but also because of the shape of the cheese: I can cut more flat pieces from it, and that is ideal for my customers. As for me, I regularly eat Noordlander Goat Aromatic on my sandwich – simply delicious with a thin smear of honey!’’

John van der Duin, Eisenga Kaas market stall holder