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For cheese entrepreneurs, by cheese entrepreneurs

We are the entrepreneurial cheese wholesaler. Entrepreneurship is in our blood. We do our business in a down-to-earth, Frisian way. We are straightforward and a deal is a deal. We are committed to helping cheese entrepreneurs who want to get the most out of their sales. We have developed effective programs for this purpose.

We are proud that a growing group of cheese lovers worldwide can enjoy our high-quality cheeses. Thanks to a good and personal relationship with importers, traders, retailers and wholesalers, we can deliver custom-made products hundreds, sometimes thousands, of kilometers from Friesland.

Successful together with our sales-focused International Toolbox

We surround our cheese deliveries with an effective support programme. From product stories and POS service to consumer activations.

Friesland Cheese Land’s finest selection

We have a wide range of the tastiest cheeses from the dairy provinces in the north of the Netherlands. We would be happy to advise you on which products would best fit into your assortment.

Selling stories in-store

Each cheese has a story about its origin and taste. With these stories, cheese entrepreneurs can flavor their sales pitch and profile themselves as specialists. We ensure that you can easily share these ‘selling stories’ with your customers.

Point of Sale Service

For each cheese, we can supply visual material with which the cheese can be presented perfectly. If desired, we can deliver complete artwork for POS materials that you can distribute among your customers.

Consumer Activation

Dutch cheeses are popular all over the world. If you want to give sales a boost, we can think along with you about effective activations. For example, with a campaign aimed at occasions, food pairing, a wanted cheese premium or a catchy win-promotion.

We look forward to our cooperation!

Our entrepreneurial mentality and years of expertise in exporting and marketing cheese are important factors in successfully operating in international markets. Shall we discuss the possibilities?

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