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Our selection of premium cheese factories in the north

Several cheese factories are located in the north of the Netherlands, the former Frisian Kingdom. All of them make cheese from milk produced by cows that graze on the fertile, salt marsh soils of the pastures we once took back from the sea. And this gives the cheese a delicious and distinctive flavour. Eisenga selects the tastiest premium Gouda cheeses from the products offered by all these cheese factories. We offer those cheeses in our Eisenga Select assortment, which comprises no less than 8 age variants.

We have given each age variant its own number. The older the cheese, the higher the number. A convenient system that makes it easy for your customers to remember and reorder their favourite cheese. ‘I’d like a kilo of number 4 again please.’ Success guaranteed!

Type of cheese

premium Gouda, 8 age variants
Role in the assortment:
ideal as a main brand for all cheese lovers

The assortment

No. 1:

extra mild

As mild and delicate as a cheese can be. Our youngest variant is not so salty, but still has a beautifully rounded, creamy flavour.

No. 2:

young mild

The buttery smooth flavour makes No. 2 an enjoyable cheese that even novice cheese eaters will love. So it is ideal for families with young children.

No. 3:

young matured

After ripening for 8 to 10 weeks, our No. 3 has developed a perfect flavour. Its soft and easy-to-cut texture makes this the ideal cheese for a quick slice at any time of the day.

No. 4:


This is the best-selling variant. No. 4 owes this popularity to its slightly tangy bite, combined with an unprecedented creaminess. A cheese that appeals to all palates!

No. 5:

aromatic matured

After ripening for 5 to 6 months, No. 5 is a full-flavour cheese with a creamy taste and fine structure. It is delicious on bread and as a snack to accompany drinks. A highly versatile cheese.

No. 6:

extra matured

Our No. 6 is a perfect example of an aromatic and salty cheese. It has a firm bite, but its short brining period makes it remarkably accessible in terms of flavour.

No. 7:

old sliceable

After a year of ageing, this cheese combines an incredibly intense flavour with a fine salt crystal structure. Thanks to that unique structure, No. 7 can still be easily cut into slices with a cheese slicer.

No. 8:

old crumbly

No. 8 is a magnificent old cheese that has been allowed to ripen for at least 2.5 years. It has an intensely rich aroma and contains large crystals. The perfect crumbly cheese!

Support & Activation

Eisenga Select allows you to offer your customers a wide range of premium Gouda cheeses. The unique numbering system is a useful tool when advising customers and for repeat sales. We also support you with handy POS materials that explain the cheese numbers. “Which number is your favourite?” In addition, we organise customer activations on a regular basis to help you encourage your customers to give Eisenga Select a try, or to focus specific attention on one of the numbers.