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Foreign cheeses to round off your assortment

Of course, we are intensely proud of our home-grown Dutch cheeses. But as a cheese specialist, you obviously want to offer your customers a full assortment of foreign cheeses as well. We have split our foreign cheeses into 4 categories: White flora, Red flora, Blue vein and Mountain cheeses.
Type of cheese
various kinds of foreign cheese
Role in the assortment:
complementary to the range of Dutch cheeses

The assortment

White flora: Brie

de Meaux

This raw milk, subtle ‘farmhouse brie’ has some slightly earthy notes. The texture is wonderfully creamy, and the cheese “runs” perfectly at room temperature, something every lover of brie wants to see.

White flora: Brie

Fleur de Pré

A traditional cream brie, but velvety and exceptionally creamy as well. A perfect layer of bloomy down and a snow-white crust makes this popular cheese a feast for the palate and the eyes.

White flora:

Camembert Calvados

This camembert from Normandy is unusual in that part of the rind is removed and the cheese is then washed with Calvados. After this, the cheese is sprinkled with breadcrumbs to form a crust that helps the calvados soak deep into the camembert.

White flora:

Florette affinois

Florette is a type of camembert, but made from 100% goat’s milk. As a result, the cheese develops a delicate character, and starts to ‘run’ slightly at room temperature. The pronounced goat’s milk flavour really comes into its own in the Florette.

Red flora:


A washed rind cheese with an orange/white rind. The paste is ivory white. The crust is quite stiff, but the paste with its small holes is mildly aromatic. This cheese comes from the Vosges area. ‘Marcaire’ is the word for ‘milker’ in the Alsatian dialect.

Red flora:


During the ripening process, the Epoisses cheese is washed several times a week with an eau-de-vie called Marc de Bourgogne. This Marc de Bourgogne give the Epoisses cheese its unique, distinctive and aromatic flavour. A ripe Epoisses cheese starts to run as soon as it is cut.

Red flora:


Special dessert cheese from the Jura with a creamy aromatic flavour. The use of morning and evening milk gives the cheese an intensely rich flavour.

Red flora:


A true ‘smelly’ cheese for the enthusiast. This extremely fragrant Munster comes from Alsace. The cheese is characterised by its pungent scent and rich aromatic flavour. This Munster has protected AOP status (Appellation d’Origine Protegée).

Blue vein:

French Roquefort

We offer the Papillon (black and red) and Le Favori brands of cave-ripened Roquefort cheese made from sheep’s milk. A true cheese specialist will always want to offer this ‘crème de la crème’ of blue cheeses.

Blue vein:

English Shropshire

Shropshire Blue is similar to its well-known brother Blue Stilton, but has a slightly more orange-coloured paste and a more delicate flavour. Shropshire Blue is very distinctive, and fantastic when eaten with dessert wines and liqueurs.

Blue vein:

Danish Kornblomst

The Thise cheese factory is located in north Jutland. This small cooperative produces the organic Kornblomst we offer. It has a pleasantly creamy consistency with just enough blue. Enjoy!

Blue vein: Franse

Bleu d’Auvergne

The original French Bleu d’Auvergne regional cheese is not familiar to the general public, making it the perfect cheese for specialists who want to differentiate themselves.

Blue vein: German

Cambozola Grand Noir

The cambozola cheeses from Käserei Champignon have made a name for themselves as excellent, mild blue cheeses, but the Grand Noir variant is truly worth recommending. Aromatic, lots of blue and full of flavour, with a rugged appearance as well! Ideal as an accompaniment for dessert wines and liqueurs.

Mountain cheese: Swiss

Emmentaler AOC

Imitations of Emmentaler, the cheese with the big ‘eyes’, are now made all over the world, but we prefer to sell the original raw milk Emmentaler. The ideal base for a classic cheese fondue!

Mountain cheese: Swiss

Comté Marcel Petite

We import our Comté from Marcel Petite in France. This renowned cheese affineur matures the green-band Comté at Fort St. Antoine, where this delicious French speciality develops its delicate character.

Mountain cheese:

Italian Alta Badia

The piquant Alta Badia cheese from Italy has a fantastic, rich aroma and is deliciously tangy. The ripening period of eight to nine months gives this cheese its edge, which is spicy without too much sharpness. Highly recommended!

Mountain cheese: Austrian

Ländle Weinkäse

Ländle Weinkäse is treated with red wine during the aging process, giving it a strikingly distinct character with an eye-catching edible black rind.

Mountain cheese: South

Tyrol Stelvio

Stelvio cheese (Stilfser) has the character of a full mountain cheese, with an unmistakable creaminess. The cheese has an edible rind and is excellent as an appetiser, fondue and raclette base, and for sandwiches.

Mountain cheese: 

Alpino Speziato

The taste of Alpino Speziato is tangy, full of aroma and naturally pure. A delicious cheese for an aperitivo and in a Swiss cheese fondue. Alpino Speziato is prepared without artificial colors or preservatives and is lactose free.