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Surprising combinations of cheese and herbs

The fresh cow’s milk used as the basis for our herb cheeses is soft and mild in flavour. As a result, our Noordlander herb cheeses are full and creamy in flavour and the added herbs provide complementary, perfectly discernible flavour notes. There is a variant for everybody, ranging from slightly spicy (nettle) to nutty (fenugreek) to hot and spicy (sambal and jalapeño pepper).
Type of cheese
Dutch cheese with mixed herbs

Role in the assortment:

finger food for drinks, for consumers looking for new taste sensations

The assortment



This is the undisputed number one in the Noordlander herb cheese range. The tasty appearance is confirmed when you savour the explosion of garlic, chives and paprika offered by this cheese. A must for every cheese platter.


Noordlander garlic cheese has traditionally been a very popular herb cheese. The healthy characteristics of garlic make it an indispensable ingredient in the herb cheese assortment.


This cheese is a flavourful addition to the assortment of traditional cheeses. Noordlander nettle cheese is a great choice for this. The addition of nettle and a touch of garlic create a surprising flavour.

Tuscan herbs

Noordlander Tuscan herb cheese has a distinct flavour thanks to the added garlic, basil, sun-dried tomatoes and olives. The scent alone evokes memories of a perfect vacation on the Mediterranean coast in many people’s minds.


Caraway seed is similar to cumin, but has a slightly stronger and spicier taste. There are discernible notes of aniseed. Noordlander carraway seed cheese is primarily an export product and popular among tourists as a result.


A must-have variant in the Noordlander herb cheese assortment! The addition of sambal gives the paste of this cheese its pleasing orange-red colour. As you would expect, the taste is hot and spicy!


Noordlander mustard has been one of the most popular cheeses in the Noordlander herb cheese range for years. The strong flavour of the mustard seeds combines perfectly with the slightly creamy taste of the cheese. The paste of the cheese when sliced is also a delight for the eyes.


Demand for this cheese has grown strongly in recent years. More and more customers are discovering how much they love this flavour. The combination of mildly creamy cheese with walnuts is a feast for the palate.

Blue vein

The addition of the blue vein cheese culture to this cheese makes it the perfect choice for a cheese platter accompanying a good glass of wine.

Jalapeño pepper

The finely chopped Mexican jalapeno pepper used for this cheese is picked young when it is still green in colour. This gives the cheese its slightly crunchy (paprika-like) bite and a distinctly spicy aroma.

Red pesto

Rosemary, basil and garlic give our red pesto cheese its spicy herbal flavour. The red colour comes from the tomatoes used in this cheese. You can combine it with our green and blue pesto cheese to create a colourful trio and a true eye-catcher.

Green pesto

Pesto cheese is one of the most striking variants in our herb cheese assortment. The unusual green colour is highly recognisable. And consumers become total ‘converts’ after tasting a piece.

Blue pesto

Our blue pesto cheese is a handmade farmhouse cheese with a spicy aroma and a bright blue colour. In addition to a handful of garden herbs and a touch of garlic, lavender is the main ingredient that gives the cheese its distinctive flavour and appearance.