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Less fat and full of flavour

Many people need or want to control their fat intake but still enjoy a delicious piece of full-flavoured cheese. With Solight, you have the perfect solution in your assortment. Because of its unique preparation and controlled ripening, Solight is creamier and more flavourful than other reduced-fat cheeses. The cheese has a perfect taste and texture.

You can also offer calorie-conscious customers plenty of choice, as Solight is available in a wide selection of ages and tastes.

Type of cheese
Dutch cheese with less fat
Role in the assortment:
For consumers who diet and control their fat intake

The assortment



This is the least mature Solight variant. A healthy solution for customers who like mild cheese.



The best choice for those seeking a reduced-fat cheese with a characterful, slightly tangy flavour.



This slightly older cheese is richly tangy and easy to slice. Proof that a rich flavour is still possible with less fat.


extra aromatic

This old cheese has a rich aroma. The clearly visible specks of salt give this low-fat cheese its pronounced and tangy character.



A deliciously creamy cheese with a low fat content and the mild taste of cumin. Highly recommended.



The powerful flavour of whole cloves makes you forget that the cheese has a lower fat content. The cheese is easy to slice and can be grated with very little effort.


garden herbs

This reduced-fat cheese has a particularly full flavour, thanks to the addition of chives, paprika and garlic.



Cheese and mustard: a perfect combination. The mustard seeds make this mild low-fat cheese an unforgettable taste experience.


olive and tomato

Less fat with an Italian twist. Mild cheese with sun-dried tomatoes, olives, basil and garlic. A sensational feast for your palate.

Entrepreneurs’ thoughts on Solight

Solight is a must-have in our assortment. Very creamy and always perfectly flavoured. Solight matured and Solight aromatic in particular are cheeses that customers come back for on a weekly basis. We regularly vary the herb cheeses we offer. Solight is definitely one of the most popular products in our assortment.”

Kai Kuilaart, Bruinsma Lemmer