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A treasure trove of special treats!

Eisenga Kaasondernemers makes sure that you always have something new to delight your customers. We do so by offering you a wide range of seasonal cheeses and cheeses with a special, distinctive flavour. These cheeses are created by the best cheesemakers in the north of the Netherlands, specially for us.

Some of our delicious cheeses are available all year round, like our Nutcracker. Other cheeses are only available in specific seasons.

Type of cheese
Cheese with surprising flavours
Role in the assortment:
seasonal products, for consumers who want a new taste on a regular basis

The assortment


As the name suggests, this delicious Dutch cheese contains chopped nuts. The pieces of walnut, hazelnut and fenugreek give the cheese a refined and distinctive flavour.

Autumn cheese

A delicious seasonal Gouda cheese. This full-bodied, creamy cheese contains delicious chunks of pumpkin and wild mushroom. So this cheese is a fantastic tasty treat for the autumn.

Just ask!

Are you looking for a cheese with a specific flavour or for a particular season? We’d love to hear from you. We offer an extensive assortment of products and can also create custom cheeses (subject to a minimum order quantity).