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A classical Gouda; with an old-fashioned richness of flavour

The town of Lutjewinkel in West Friesland is home to a highly respected cheese factory where we have our Noordrycker made. The tastiest premium North Holland cheese, recognisable by its golden seal, has been made here since 1916. This seal is a visual confirmation of centuries-old, expert craftsmanship and outstanding quality that has proved itself worldwide. And with it, the special character of one of the best cheese producers in the Netherlands.

Our Noordrycker is made in accordance with classical cheesemaking tradition. And you can taste it. Thanks to the assortment of 6 different age variants, you can offer a cheese that suits almost all of your customers’ taste preferences. Incredibly tasty cheese that customers are sure to come back for!

Type of cheese
Premium Gouda, 6 age variants
Role in the assortment:
ideal as a main brand for all cheese lovers

The assortment


A soft, young North Holland Gouda cheese, with a deliciously mild and creamy flavour. A cheese with a wide appeal, which melts on your tongue.

Young matured

Noordrycker young matured has ripened a few weeks longer than young cheese and has a more intense, saltier flavour as a result.


This mature cheese, which has ripened for at least 3 months, is popular thanks to its creamy and slightly tangy flavour. Suitable for all occasions.

Extra matured

Our extra matured Noordrycker has ripened on the shelves for at least six months. The intense flavour is very rich: creamy, tangy, aromatic and slightly sweet.


This cheese has a characteristic tangy flavour, yet remains creamy on the tongue. Due to the formation of salt crystals, the cheese has a deliciously briny note.


Delicious, extra old cheese with fine salt crystals. The cheese has a robust, highly aromatic character. This crumbly cheese is an indispensable finger food to accompany drinks.

Support & Activation

Noordrycker is richly flavoursome and we highlight that aspect on the sales floor by offering attractive POS materials and customer activations. These resources tell the story of where the ingredients come from and how the cheese is made, and explore the unique taste experience. All in all, we do everything possible to ensure a satisfyingly rich experience for your customers. An experience that boosts sales!