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Eisenga Kaasondernemers’ extensive assortment also includes several other branded cheeses. Some are our own brands, others are third-party brands that we resell as wholesalers. We derive huge satisfaction and inspiration from making a commercial success of cheeses from small cheese producers and farmers who want to market their own cheese.
Type of cheese
various brands, with different types of cheese

Role in the assortment:

a more varied cheese brand experience

The assortment

Van Schier

When you include Van Schier in your assortment, you help support Nationaal Park Schiermonnikoog and contribute to protecting the Wadden Sea as a Unesco World Heritage Site. The farmers make delicious cheeses that are full of the characteristic flavours of the island.


This Dutch cheese features beautifully formed salt crystals and has a deliciously tangy flavour. Gustavo has that characteristic sweetness that you often find in Italian cheeses. The fantastic combination of savoury and salty, and perfect ripening, give this cheese its exciting temperament.


Isabella is mild and full-bodied, but beware: the taste is so creamy that this charming beauty will quickly seduce you. Take a bite, close your eyes and enjoy the best of the Netherlands! Creamy, full-bodied and slightly piquant: that’s Isabella!


Maasdam is a cheese with a somewhat sweet nutty flavour. Maasdam can be recognised by its large ‘eyes,’ which are the sizeable holes in the cheese. This cheese also has a unique sweet note taste.