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A northern Dutch cheese with a Frisian signature

Goldener was developed for the German market and is also suitable for other markets. Because we have a different cheese culture here in the Netherlands, we only offer the 3 most popular age variants. Delicious northern Dutch cheese with a glint of gold. Because our selection for Goldener is also the best cheese in this price bracket. To give you and your customers perfect value for money.
Type of cheese
medium-segment Gouda, 3 age variants
Role in the assortment:
developed for export, suitable for offers where cheese is a secondary product

The assortment


This is a young, creamy cheese that is rich in flavour. Because of its young age, the cheese is mild and not so salty.


Further ripening gives this cheese a somewhat more intense flavour. Nice and tangy, slightly salty and at the same time deliciously creamy.


Tangy, creamy, aromatic and with small salt crystals. A cheese with character! The Old cheese variant can be recognized by its black rind.


We have developed a POS package for Goldener that helps you present this cheese to your customers in a convincingly positive light. Each quarter, we boost Goldener sales by offering an attractive seasonal activation.