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Cheese directly from the farm

Farmhouse cheese is obviously an indispensable product in your assortment. It helps you to differentiate your business even more strongly. You can choose from a wide range of the tastiest farmhouse cheeses, made from real raw milk. We work with several farmstead cheesemakers in the northern part of the country. Each farmer has his own speciality and that comes out clearly in the taste.

Our own Boer’n Kaas line comes in 5 age categories and includes some herbal varieties. In addition, we offer a number of other ‘farmhouse brands’ that can act as valuable ‘influencers’ for your assortment.

Type of cheese
raw milk cheese and thermised farmhouse cheese
Role in the assortment:
for consumers who want to know where their cheese comes from

The assortment

Boer’n kaas


Our Boer’n Kaas assortment includes all age varieties: creamy young, mild matured, aromatic matured, old and extra old. Perfect as a complementary line alongside North Holland Gouda.

Boer’n kaas

chives and celery

The celery in this handmade farmhouse cheese gives it a particularly nutty aroma. You also taste notes of chives, paprika and garlic.

Boer’n kaas


The flavour of this farmhouse cheese reminds you of walnuts, but is more powerful and spicy due to the fenugreek. Fenugreek is now a popular flavour enhancer for cheese.

Boer’n kaas

olive and tomato

The wonderful herbal blend of sun-dried tomatoes, black olives, basil and garlic give this farmhouse cheese a true taste of summer.

Boer’n kaas

by Langeveld

Artisan-made matured cheese according to an authentic family recipe. Prepared with love, both for the family’s cows and for nature. You can taste that devotion in the creamy, rich flavour.


This popular cheese with its characteristic holes is made from self-pasteurised milk. Due to its outspoken flavour, Tynjetaler is very popular as finger food to accompany drinks and as a fondue cheese.


The Frisian cheese farm called De Deelen is situated close to De Ripen nature reserve. Riperkrite is a delicious herb cheese with chives, celery and garlic. A regional treat for all to enjoy! Available in a variety of flavours and sizes.


This farmhouse cheese is full of Italian seduction. The Italian spices are enriched with peppadew and a touch of truffle. Mama mia, simply delicious!


The combination of intensely creamy Dutch farmhouse cheese with aromatic Italian truffle delivers an unprecedented taste sensation that you want all your customers to try.


Obviously, you want to present your assortment of flavour-filled farmhouse cheeses to your customers in a tasteful manner that emphasises those fantastic flavours. We offer suitable promotional materials for each cheese concept to help you achieve this.