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The tastiest organic cheese

More and more consumers want food that is produced with respect for nature and the environment. So BioBewust should always feature in your assortment. The cheese is made with milk from cows that graze on pastures where no fertilisers or pesticides are use. And the cows are given pure, honest fodder. This honest and responsibly produced milk gives our BioBewust cheese its exceptional taste: creamy, full and with a slightly sweet bite.

Furthermore, vegetarian rennet is used during preparation and no natamycin is present in the cheese coating. BioBewust is allowed to ripen naturally, without artificial colouring or preservatives.

Type of cheese
organic Dutch cheese

Role in the assortment:

for environmentally conscious consumers

The assortment

Soft & Creamy

Young cheese with a mild, mellow flavour.
Ripened for at least 40 days.

Full & Creamy

Young matured cheese with a full creamy flavour.
Ripened for at least 60 days.

Generous & Distinguished

Matured cheese with an aromatic character.
Ripened for at least 100 days.

Robust & Tangy

Extra matured cheese with a robust and aromatic flavour.
Ripened for at least 200 days.

Rugged & Muscular

Old cheese with a full and powerful character.
Ripened for at least 400 days.

Extra old

Extra old crumbly cheese that releases an explosion of flavour.
Ripened for at least 1000 days


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