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Welcome to Friesland
Cheese Land

We Frisians have been conquering land from the sea for centuries. The rich, salty soil that arose makes our cheese taste so particularly good.

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We have wide range of the tastiest Dutch cheeses for every moment. We are happy to advise you on which cheese best suits the needs of your company.

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We surround our cheese deliveries with an effective support programme. From product stories and POS service to consumer activations.

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Our customers in the Netherlands (and Germany) are always looking for beautiful cheeses and special flavours. We import cheese and distribute it to their shops and market stalls.

Learn more about age and taste

Dutch cheeses are usually available in different age variants. Young cheese is soft, smooth and creamy. The longer cheeses are allowed to mature, the spicier they become.In old cheese or ‘crumble cheese’, salt crystals form which give a unique, spicy taste sensation.

Learn more about age and taste

Vrije Vogels Van Schier

A special cheese from the farmers of the Unesco Wadden Island Schiermonnikoog. Wonderfully creamy and full of the character of the island. Try it and help the farmers to protect the nature of the island.

Cheese in the spotlight: Vrije Vogels Van Schier